The clinic is closed for training the first and third Wednesday of each month, 11 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Health Services


Pharmacy Services

We fill new prescriptions for formulary medications from on- and off-base providers, refill existing prescriptions requested on the MHS GENESIS Patient Portal or phoned in through the refill call system, and provide consultation on proper use, precautions, side effects, and medication interactions.


A fast and convenient option for picking up or dropping off prescriptions.

We will not:

  • Send liquids through the drive-thru
  • Refill prescriptions through the drive-thru
  • Send more than two drive-thru tube trips full of medications to you; if it takes more than two trips, you will need to come inside
  • Send bulky or large items through the drive-thru; you must come inside to pick those up

We will:

  • Dropped-off paper prescriptions take two duty days to fill and are available after 12 p.m.

Manage Your Prescriptions

Tinker Pharmacy Info Sheet

TRICARE Formulary Search Tool

Use the TRICARE Formulary Search Tool to look-up your drug. A search can tell you:

  • Formulary status (generic drug, brand-name drug, non-formulary drug, non-covered drug)
  • Where the prescription can be filled
  • Copayments and limitations, such as prior authorization
  • Coverage review requirements and forms
  • Alternative medications, including costs

To start your search, you’ll need to put in the brand name or generic name of the drug and then select the strength prescribed, as well as your gender and age.

New Prescriptions

Tinker Pharmacy processes all new and renewal prescriptions from the 72nd MDG and civilian providers.

We can accept hard-copy prescriptions and prescriptions sent electronically to DOD TINKER PHARMACY.

We CANNOT accept faxed or telephoned orders.

All new electronically prescribed prescriptions MUST be activated by the patient before they can be filled. To activate prescriptions:

  1. Check in at one of three kiosks located in the pharmacy waiting area
  2. Call the main pharmacy line at 405-582-6315 option 2, option 2
  3. Send a request through the MHS GENESIS Patient Portal’s secure messaging option
  4. Use Q-Anywhere by texting, “Get in line” to 877-460-2335
New hand-delivered prescriptions can be placed in the pharmacy’s drop box, located by the front entrance. Prescriptions take two duty days to fill and can be picked up after 12 p.m. Patients who wish to drop off scripts after hours can use the drop box located outside the building, to the right of the main entrance.


All refills must be called to the pharmacy’s refill line at 405-734-5514. Refills take up to three duty days for fill. This may vary for holidays and training days. Listen to the date and time your medications will be ready.

*Note: Tinker Pharmacy does not renew prescriptions after refills are complete. All patients must get a new prescription from the provider and activate it as such.

When can I call in my prescription for a refill? 
  1. Prescriptions can be called in for a refill once you have completed 75% of your previous fill.
  2. 30 day supply can be called in 7 days early 
  3. 60-day supply can be called in 14 days early
  4.  90 day supply can be called in 21 days early


The Pharmacy will fill all medications covered under the TRICARE formulary.  Some medications are not covered, or require medical necessity documentation before they can be filled.

If your medication is not available at the base pharmacy, you can use the TRICARE Mail Order Pharmacy Program (TMOP) for home delivery, or a local network pharmacy; co-pays may apply. For more information regarding medication availability, please visit

Secure Messaging

A great way communicate with pharmacy staff or activate or refill a medication is by signing up for secure messaging.  Please visit

Once registered and logged on, click "Messaging," click "Send a Message," choose who to "send on behalf of," choose "Tinker Pharmacy" in the "to" box, and complete the comment field for your request. Please allow one duty day for the pharmacy to process your activation request or respond to your question(s). 

Old or Expired Medication Disposal

Located in the pharmacy lobby, the “Blue” Med Safe Box will still be available for all unwanted or expired medications to be disposed.

The ScriptCenter machine located in the BX Food Court is an alternate location to pick up refills.

Medications called in to Script Center via the refill line will be ready after three duty days.

You can enroll at the machine with a username and password.

**You will need one of your prescription numbers the first time you pick up**

You can pick up refills at the machine after pharmacy hours

**No controlled or refrigerated medications will be stored in the machine**

Contact Us



405-582-6315, Option 2, 2

Prescription Refill Line



Building 1094


7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
(Drive-thru pickup available until 5 pm)

1st and 3rd Wednesday of every month 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.
(Closed in the afternoon for training)


Closed on weekends, holidays and AFMC family days


Building 1094




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